Thursday, June 30, 2011

The London Experience

I have scavenged the city trying to find the kitschy things I associate with the UK. When I first arrived, red telephone booths and double-decker buses made me really feel like I was here, like everything I had only seen in pictures were really true.

I love all the old buildings. London is such a mishmash of the old and the new, and has such a rich history mixed with a sense of modernity.

While the English weather is not my favourite thing about being here, I do love how these storms remind me of Harry Potter! This picture was taken right before it poured at King's College Chapel in Cambridge.

I loved Cambridge. Beautiful, cosy, and the type of place I dream of living in.

The city was filled with gorgeous churches and courtyards. 

Last Sunday, it was quite positively the warmest day we've had so far (all of 25 degrees Celsius). I love how the streets filled with thousands of people, at the parks, in shops and restaurants. This picture was taken as I was walking past a part of Hyde Park. It was crawling with people enjoying (and complaining about) the weather.

Pretty much every area seems to have its own market. It's quite lovely, the sense of locality and community. This was taken at Borough Market, mostly a market of fresh food and local wines.

This picture embodies two things I love about England. First, the guard reminds me of all things royal. Second, it was taken at Harrods, retail wonderland and shopping haven!

Although I haven't had the opportunity to mingle with many Londoners, I have really enjoyed getting to know and share this experience with the other interns. This was taken at Electricity Showroom in Shoreditch (home of the hipsters).

This picture was taken at the Ministry of Sound, when Fedde le Grand DJed. I've enjoyed experiencing new things in London. It has been amazing to explore, and try new things.

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  1. awww you look like you're having so much fun!
    lets move to london together =)